Are you looking for psychedelic therapy?



There are several things I can help you with. Here are some.


I can help you with general information, suitability, minimize risk and help with "set and setting".



I can help with guidance and physical presence through an experience which provides the safety you need to work on yourself.

Friend as a tripsitter for another friend


A psychedelic experience can be challenging to integrate into life and I can help with this as well.

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Why I'm working with psychedelic therapy

Many have psychological issues and limited ways of treatment. At the same time we have a lot of research from the 60's until today which suggests we already have good therapeutic methods/tools available through psychedelic-assisted therapy. Experienced psychologists from around the world devote their lives to getting psilocybin and MDMA back into therapy again as FDA approved medicine and it looks like both will be approved medicine within few years. Meanwhile, there are many who want results now and are willing to self medicate. I want to support and help reduce risk for this group and at the same time prepare Norway and the world for what I believe currently are our best tools for psychotherapy.



I have strong in-depth knowledge of psychedelic drugs and related therapeutic practices, both through self-studies, courses, by supporting others and, of course, personal experiences.

I have read a lot about psychedelics-assisted therapy, psychology and psychopharmacology. Click the book icon above to see my list of what I've read.

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Courses and forum

I have attended several psychedelic-related psychology courses in the United States and I'm the moderator of a forum for psychedelic therapy.

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Psychedelic experiences, both beautiful and difficult, my own and others, is essential to help in a good way.

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What I don't do

I cannot help you obtain drugs in any way and do not encourage anyone to take illegal drugs or break the law. I do not diagnose and cannot recommend therapies.



First consultation

  • 15 min

I offer everyone a free phone consultation.


  • 60 min

Therapeutic process

Preparation, tripsitting and integration

  • *2,000 NOK discount on subsequent treatments

The blog.

Knowledge and sharing is important. In addition, it can be a way to build trust. The blog is partly machine translated to English.

Recommended sources of information

Self-studies is one of the few ways to acquire knowledge of psychedelics, but fortunately there is a lot to read out there. A lot is from the 60's when both psychedelic-assisted therapy and research were in bloom, but there's also plenty from later years. Here is some of what I have read/consumed with comments.

MDMA bottle
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Couple therapy with MDMA
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