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About me.

A little about my background and expertise.

My name is Oskar Bull-Hansen and I had my first psychedelic experience in 2013. After that I have been very fascinated by the potential that lies in these molecules. Since the beginning of 2020, I have been working full-time with psychedelic therapy and I read most of what I could find about psychedelic-assisted therapy. Listen to me on the Hennings Verden podcast (in Norwegian) here.

What makes me competent?

My best way of learning has been a combination of theory and practice. For the theory part, I have read these books, arranged weekly talks with other psychedelic therapists around the world and took courses in some different psychological models that suit both psychedelic therapy and my approach. Having supported around 350 processes in recent years, I have also learned an incredible amount about myself and the mechanisms of our minds. It has become easier to be myself while working, have faith in the process and meet my clients with genuine curiosity and fascination. I encourage anyone who’s interested to listen to me on a podcast or book a free phone consultation to get a gut feeling.

Otherwise, I grew up on Nøtterøy with a mother who is a teacher, a father who is a writer and an older brother who is a singer. I have a Swedish-Iranian roommate who is a dentist, a son born in 2019 and a daughter born in 2021. The rest of the time (if I get any) is used to play guitar or piano, cook, exercise and preferably some kind of "of the month hobby" that I am getting into.

Theoretical models

Models and directions I have faith in

There are some basic elements in my approach that I think fit well with psychedelic therapy. Curiosity and openness, I think, are the cornerstones of any well-functioning interpersonal relationship and it has been proven that psychedelics builds up under this. In addition, I am a fan of a model called Internal Family Systems, which looks at a personality as a composition of different parts, and where one has a basic peaceful "Self" at the core. This is also in line with Gabor Maté's view of personality, where what we perceive as our personality is largely an adaptation to our surroundings through childhood.

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