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Internal Family Systems

What is IFS and how does it work?

Internal Family Systems, often abbreviated to IFS, is a psychological model with well-documented results. The model states that all minds consist of several different parts that have different qualities and that everyone has a core, the Self, which knows what it takes to achieve balance in life. In IFS, we are curious and open to all parts.

Why IFS?

There are several reasons why I have chosen to work with Internal Family Systems. It is a psychological model that is quick to get started with, you do not have to build trust over several years to get deep and you can do a lot of the work on your own. It keeps costs down in addition to giving results. IFS is for me a philosophy of life, which helps me to be who I want to be.

IFS and psychedelics

How are they related?

IFS is a therapeutic model that is well established and proven, especially in North America. It is mostly used as regular talk therapy, but has also been an important element in the clinical trials of psychedelic therapy. Several elements from IFS often appear spontaneously during and after a psychedelic experience, and this makes it a good tool for integration. Read more about why IFS and psychedelic therapy go well together here.

What does an IFS session look like?

When you have an IFS session, you usually start by talking a little about what you want to address. The therapist helps the client to identify the parts that are involved and to focus on one part at a time. You will also get help to ask the parts different questions and get to know them better. The therapist's task is to guide in an open way and be aware of his or her own internal family so that the therapist's parts do not get in the way of the client's process.

More information about IFS here

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