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The party

Time to party

Wedding, graduation and farewell all in one

Now that we are out of corona, the diaper period and Diba will soon finish her studies, it will finally be possible to celebrate a little. And now it has piled up to a real hat trick that allows us to hit the big drum. This page will be updated towards the date.

The party concept

We will try to create our dream party where you can get to know each other and do something you feel like doing. The villa we have rented provides space for various moods and gatherings beyond the actual dinner party. Maybe someone wants to play beach volleyball, someone wants to drink gin and tonic in front of the fireplace, someone wants to swim in the pool and someone wants to watch a movie. Some will go to bed early, others late.

It won't be a wedding party with expensive flower decorations and stylish waiters, so we can spend more money on a great villa, good food, good drinks and really good music.

19th to 22nd of September 2024


Two rascals are going to manage the event and shield Diba and Oskar from all the troublesome guests.

James Nahani

James is both Diba's cousin and one of Oskar's closest friends. Contact James at james.nahani@gmail.com
Contact James here

Shabnam (Shabbe) Davachi

Shabbe has known Diba and Oskar for many years and is married to James. Contact Shabbe at shabnam.davachi@gmail.com
Contact Shabbe here


Here is an overview of what will happen on the different days.

Thursday 19th of September

The house is open from 4 PM on Thursday and you can come exactly when you want. There will be an informal dinner around 6 PM and evening leftovers for those who may come later.

Friday 20th of September

This is the day where you are free to do whatever you want. Perhaps you want to sleep for a long time, hang out by the pool in the villa, go for a long walk in the surrounding area or take a trip to Liseberg. There will be various activities at the villa as well. Dinner is served in the villa.

Saturday 21st of September

The big party. On Saturday, lunch is served, and then there will be some optional activities around and in the villa until dinner is served at 6 PM. Then there will be music and dancing.

Sunday 22nd of September

On Sunday, breakfast is served in the villa between 09-11 for those who want before we all pack up and part ways.

Where are we going?

We have rented a really nice villa at Lilla Edet approximately. 30 minutes north of Gothenburg

The villa from 1906 is peacefully located 35 minutes from Gothenburg
The house is full of possibilities for different zones and activities
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do with the children?

We recommend a babysitter, if possible. It will be an adult party, but older children who do not need a babysitter are considered adults. We’re personally getting a babysitter on Thursday and Saturday so we can join the parties, and Mio and Rumi will hang out with us on Friday.

What about gifts?

We really have everything we need already, but if you feel you absolutely have to give something, you can make a contribution towards the honeymoon.

Do we have to spend the night?

No, but it can be a little extra fun, then. Guests from Gothenburg are allowed to sleep at home if they wish.

What should I pack?

Clothes for the weather, party wear and swimwear.

May I give a speech?

Speeches are great fun when they don't take all evening. Toastmistress Shabbe is responsible for organizing this. You can contact her at shabnam.davachi@gmail.com if you want to give a speech.

Other questions?