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Psychedelic therapy

What is it and how does it work?

Psychedelic therapy (or psychedelic-assisted therapy) is a form of psychotherapy that combines talk therapy with psychedelic medicines such as psilocybin, LSD or MDMA. I can help you through the process, but can't provide the medicine. Possession for personal use is usually punished by a fine in Norway.



We build trust and prepare for the experience together. The focus is on how to work through the experience and what to expect afterwards.


The psychedelic experience

The client takes the psychedelic medicine and is guided through the experience in a safe environment.

patient and therapist under psychedelic treatment in a green room


The insight you gain from the experience is interpreted together and we work to use the insight to facilitate desirable changes in life.

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What does the research indicate so far?

Research on psychedelics is starting to come so far that I dare to predict what the end result will be. The results of modern clinical trials are also similar to the results of the 50s and 60s, which has not been a surprise to those who have worked actively with this during the period it was legal. There are indications that psychedelics will be effective against several disorders such as anxietydepressionaddiction, use in couples therapy and personal development. Both TripSafe and MAPS has good overviews of current research. Listen to me on a podcast here.

My model

My desire has been to find the intersection between cost and benefit. That is, I work as close to the clinical model as possible, but in a compressed format so that the costs are not too high. That's why I set up two hours for preparation, eight hours for the actual day of the experience, a short phone call a few days after the experience, and then one hour for integration support.

The total price for such a therapeutic process for the first time is NOK 8,000. Subsequent treatments cost DKK 6,000.

More information on psychedelic therapy.

More information about psychedelic therapy?