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My first podcast on psychedelic therapy

My first podcast is out (Norwegian only, I'm afraid) and it was the podcast Hennings Verden that I got the feel for when it started a few months ago. Henning is an open minded guy who interviews different people over 1-2 hours with no other purpose than to hear a little about what people have to say. The episode is available at Apple Podcast here, Spotify here and YouTube here.

A little about the content

00:00:55 Introduction by Oskar
00:01:45 What is psychedelics?
00:06:20 Different types of psychedelics
00:18:20 Are psychedelics dangerous?
00:30:20 Unwell (Netflix documentary) / Bad trip
00:35:10 Psychedelics and PTSD
00:53:00 Why does Oskar work with psychedelics?
01:01:10 How is psychedelic therapy performed?
01:13:10 What have people gotten out of the therapy?
01:23:40 Personal experiences

More information about psychedelic therapy?