I am not currently taking on new clients due to high demand, but please contact me for referrals.
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Looking for experienced tripsitters in Norway and Sweden

I started working full-time with tripsitting in 2020. Because I have felt secure enough in my life to be open about this and have had an accessible website, the interest has only grown every year. My waiting lists are getting longer and longer and there are many people who travel far to come to me. I also feel pressure to accept new clients because the options are not that many here in Scandinavia. I know a couple of other tripsitters in Norway and Sweden that I trust, but there are not many. I therefore want to get in touch with more experienced tripsitters and guides with whom I can get to know a little and possibly send potential clients to if I get to know them well enough.

If you feel this description fits you and it might be of interest, send me a message in my contact form and write a little about yourself and your experience and background.

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