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More info about my follow-up form

All my clients receive an anonymous questionnaire after the experience where they can air thoughts and opinions about the experience and my influence. This is to get honest feedback from clients so I can adjust and customize my service.

About the questions

I mainly asked two questions. The first question is "How safe did you feel the experience was made?" with the explanation "Preparation, professionalism, setting, follow-up." I asked this question because I want to know how I affect the experience. Many of my clients are very nervous when they start the process and you put yourself in a vulnerable situation. I want to make it as safe as possible. It is about showing that I have enough knowledge about what I do and that they feel safe with me as a person. The second question is "How much did you feel you got out of this experience?" with the explanation "For example, compared with previous treatments or other attempts to meet the intention." Here I want to know what perceived usefulness my clients get out of the experience.

It is important to mention that this study can not be considered "good research" in any way, but rather should give me something to navigate. If my clients do not feel safe or have any perceived usefulness, I would have to adjust and possibly change profession.


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Here I have calculated the average of both these questions. I will update these figures once a quarter.

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