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Join the Norway Psychedelic Society

Around the world there have long been various forms of psychedelic communities, often called psychedelic clubs or psychedelic communities. Ever since the 1960s when Timothy Leary started The Harvard Psychedelic Club, these have been gathering points for people who want to learn more, people who want to share experiences, people who want to discuss psychedelics or want community support. In the absence of such a group in Norway, I have had a desire to start one. The goal is for the group to be a place to share with others, without being linked to a political or research-oriented agenda. The group is at the very beginning now, but when we come across a critical mass of interested people, I want, among other things, to launch an integration group as a more affordable (and hopefully free) alternative to integration therapy.

Interested in more information about this group? You can find the group on Facebook here.

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