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Psychedelics for personal development

Research on psychedelic drugs in combination with psychotherapy as a treatment for mental disorders is well underway. And with promising results. But what about the treatment of a so-called healthy mind, or what many call personal development?

A "dope slap"

While there is still a lot of prejudice surrounding psychotherapy in Norway, personal development is starting to get rather stubborn. Most of what you do and say is automatic, and it is the unconsciousness that makes us manage so many complex tasks at the same time. There are rehearsed processes that allow us to walk, wave, and say "Have a good time" at the same time. 

These processes are initiated by various triggers in life and many feel that they have less control over their own actions than they would like. Many may have experienced a quarrel where you say things you don't really mean. Then look back at it in the aftermath and be ashamed. Or that you decide to start exercising, but drop off after three days. For the fifth time. Psychedelic drugs can break up in these unconscious actions by showing you that you actually have a choice.

It is your mind that creates the world

The Buddha must have said that "it is your mind that creates the world". What he meant by that is that most of what we experience is really based on our own interpretations of an objective reality. Is the world full of joy or suffering? I understand this as a world view, and not an opinion. You can get into this concept intellectually, but without experiencing it yourself it is difficult to understand just how clear this can be. 

Classic psychedelics distort your emotions and perception of reality, allowing you to see and feel how much your own mind can actually affect what you see and experience. For example, one can go from blind trust in all people to strong paranoia in a few minutes. Without the surroundings having changed at all.

"When You Pray, Move Your Feet"

Many are confused by a psychedelic experience. After all they've read, they expect something that will change your life in just a few hours. Although a few experience it this way, it is most common that you have to work hard to make the change you want. The psychedelic drugs do not change your life, but can show you how the goal feels. And if you both pray and move your legs at the same time, there is a greater chance of getting there.

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